2014 Facebook Studio Awards

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Facebook recently handed out awards to 15 unmistakably creative pieces on Facebook in the 2014 Facebook Studio Awards.


What are the Facebook Studio Awards?

“The Facebook Studio Awards celebrate creative excellence and best-in-class work on Facebook, as chosen by the top minds in the industry. Not only do they recognize excellence in creativity in execution, they set the bar for creative growth and evolution on Facebook, creating more engaging, delightful experiences for people, and helping to make Facebook an even more powerful platform for advertisers.”


Who judges the Facebook Studio Awards?

Members of Facebook’s Creative Council serve as jurors of the Awards or can appoint a proxy to judge in their place, if necessary.

*Full list of judges

How can you win a Facebook Studio Award?

The 2014 judging criteria showed as the following:

Craft and execution

  • Is there a focus on high quality visuals and text?
  • Did your creativity add to people’s experience in News Feed?
  • Did the work exemplify the brand voice and was it relevant for the audience?

Scale and targeting

  • Did you reach all of the people who you wanted to reach?
  • Did you reach them in Facebook’s News Feed and on mobile?
  • Did you use Facebook marketing products?

Business results

  • What metrics did you establish for your campaign?
  • How did your Facebook campaign drive the overall business goals and ROI for the client?



There are 4 different levels of Facebook Studio Awards: Blue, Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

And this year, they also implemented a Facebook for Good Award, which was given to those non-profit/charitable organizations who submitted exemplary work.


Here are examples of awarded works from all categories. Enjoy!


Heineken USA: “If We Made It”



Toyota Norway: “Try My Hybrid”



FGL Sports Ltd.: “Social Flyer”

social flyer


CKE: “Reclaim Your Angus”


Facebook for Good

Amnesty International: “Trial by Timeline”

amnesty international

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