4 Basic Steps to Starting a Global Revolution

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Protesting and activism have been apparent throughout the world for centuries, but we are now entering an era of new possibilities with the advancement of technology and social media.

Causing a global uprising isn’t easy by any means, but with the proper tools and vision, anything is possible. While only four steps may appear insane for an entire global movement, it’s the idea and structure behind each step that will ultimately lead to change.

1. Establish a Cause

Establishing a cause for a global revolution is the first and most important action. To spread and grow across the world, you must adopt a universal message or concern.

2. Get Organized

After a cause is established, organization is imperative. My personal motto is “Organize & Prioritize.” You need to recognize all that needs to be done and start designating task in an orderly manner.

3. Establish a Message

Your cause and message aren’t necessarily the same thing. You need to make sure you communicate what you are trying to do to help the cause. A strong, unified message can advance your cause to the next level. There is a copious amount of noise that can interfere with your cause’s message. It’s crucial to maintain the same unified message across all platforms.

4. Spread the Message

Once the first three steps have been carefully evaluated and put into action, you are ready to spread the message like wildfire across the planet.

These four steps are the building blocks to a successful protest. It’s the evolution of technology and social media that accentuate those steps to a global level.

Social media is continuously being updated and innovated, but it’s vital to incorporate key social media outlets from the start.

Essential Social Media Outlets

As time progresses and your movement grows, quickly incorporate as many social media outlets as you can effectively operate. The more outlets, the greater chance your cause stands to get recognized.

Additional, Necessary Social Media Outlets

Always remember your overall, central message when dealing with new social media outlets. All outlets should capture the unified idea and message.

These four basic steps in addition to social media provide a powerful voice; if constructed properly, a voice that can’t be ignored and will be heard across the globe.


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