5 of the Best Apps for Teaching

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Whether you’re a teacher looking for ways to organize and share with your class, or a student who needs tools for better studying, there’s an education app that can help you. Apps can help students and teachers engage in creative ways within the classroom and provide more detailed help for students when they study from home.

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Educational Apps for teachers and students

1. Evernote

Evernote helps teachers and students organize information and stay on the same page. Write notes, create to-do lists, and set reminders through the app, and you will be able to take your work anywhere and access it through any device. Evernote also has the ability to clip useful information from websites or take your own photos, record an audio note, and save it. Evernote can organize this information for projects and store it in one place, making research a snap. Teachers and students can also share notes or collaborate on projects together from their individual devices outside of the classroom.


2. ShowMe

A virtual white board for the iPad, ShowMe is a great app for students who need extra teaching time. Creating a virtual tutorial is easy: Write on the virtual white board using the stylus or your finger and record explanations with voice-recording capabilities. Then, that lesson can be played back immediately and repeatedly to offer struggling students extra explanations without ignoring the rest of the class. This app is great for making up missed lessons from absences, too!


3. iBooks Author

Create your own multi-touch books with this Mac app. Get an easy start with a template and add widgets that can slide through photos, show animations, create pop-over text, and insert interactive 3D objects. This education app is a great tool for teachers to author their own virtual books. iBooks Author can help students view and study material the way the teacher would teach it, even when students are studying from home. The app is also user-friendly for students with physical limitations, as it can be operated through voice controls.


4. Kidblog

This cool app allows students to create and publish their own blogs. Students can learn to write for an audience and build a blog with their posts, but settings can be set to keep the access and visibility limited to the class only. Kidblog is a great tool for building a virtual writing portfolio or for creating a capstone project online, but kids’ privacy can be protected in a safe virtual environment.


5. Flashcards

This app by Brainscape is a flashcard maker for students to write and store flashcards for any subject, without having to lug all those paper cards around. Students can study from their own flashcards or from flashcards that teachers or other students have shared. The Flashcards app puts a modern spin on the traditional study method.



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