6 Great Apps to Survive Any Music Festival

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With so many great events approaching and for many, far too little time to prepare, some concert goers may need a little bit of assistance to get through hours or days on their feet and in the sun. Here are a list of helpful apps to get you through those crazy gatherings.



One of the most important things to do at an outdoor concert, particularly if its hot is to stay adequately hydrated. This easy-to-use free app simply serves as a reminder to drink enough during the day and can notify a user to drink up through notifications.


Find my iPhone

Another typical occurrence at an outdoor concert is losing an iPhone or worse yet have it stolen. This free app allows someone to use another iOS device to track down the lost iPhone on an map and protect the data. Worst case scenario, this app can remotely lock the device or erase all sensitive data contained in the device.


Ultraviolet – UV Index

This free app will show users the UV index at the festival they’re attending, in addition to other locations both foreign and domestic. While it’s important to stay cool and hydrated, many concert goers tend to forget the benefits of using sunscreen, sunglasses, hats, and even extra clothing.


Find My Friends

This app is perfect if you end up separated from your group or you are trying to find some friends at the event. Find My Friends allows you to easily locate your friends from your phone. With this app you will be able to see a friends location, and friends may request to see your location in the same way.


First Aid by American Red Cross

Nobody wants to get hurt while having a good time. But there might be an occasion where a friend had one too many and winds up twisting an ankle or another friend who stays out in the sun much too long. This free app gives solid first aid instructions for the most common minor ailments.



Probably the hottest online photo sharing and social networking service, Instagram over 100 million users. The overwhelming majority of instagramers use this free app to post photos on Facebook or Twitter, and announce their whereabouts to friends. The filters are fun too!

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