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The ultimate question…. how do you get people to your blog?

Blog traffic generation systems are at the top of most, if not all, blogger’s list of things to look into. Entrecard is one such system.

If you are new to blogging you may be asking yourself what is Entrecard?

If you have been blogging for a while just scroll down to the contest details….it’s ok I will understand.

  • Entrecard is a blogging network.
  • You can drop your card to show other bloggers that you visited their site.
  • Other sites can drop their card on your site too, and you can check them out.
  • Entrecard uses a currency – Entrecard Credits (EC for short).
  • You can use this currency to buy adverts on other sites.
  • They also have forums that you can participate in.

To see what it looks like, look on the right hand side of this blog.

Now this all sounds well and good, it is a blog network, you drop cards on blogs, they drop on you, and you build up credits so you can also advertise on Entrecard member blogs.

What is the catch? Well you have to drop a lot of cards to get enough credits to advertise on good blogs and get reciprocal traffic from entrecard users.

Now the good thing is, every so often a competition comes along on someone’s blog that allows you an opportunity to pick up credits with very little effort. Make note here of how many comments these guys have gotten so far on this post…as of today it is 120 comments. Once you build up credits, an Entrecard contest is a great way to get traffic to your blog and partnering with others to up the credit anti for even more exposure is even better.

So now on to the contest….

FreebieReporter.com, is holding a huge contest. How huge? Well thanks to their sponsors they will be giving away more than 70,000 Entrecard Credits and lots of other great prizes.


1. Write about this contest and just mention the one prize you want to win. Then leave a comment on this blog post with the link for us to see. 5 Entries

2. Write about this contest on your blog, mention the prize you want to win and copy all of the sponsors. Then leave a comment on this blog post with the link for us to see. 10 Entries

3. Subscribe to FreebieReporter.com feed via email.Then leave a comment on this blog post. 2 Entries

The Contest Ends on the 10th of October so if you wish to participate you must enter before that date.

The prize I want to win is the 1st place prize of course which is:

1st Prize:

30,000EC  from  Freebie Reporter
125×125 ad for a month from The Asian Economist
125×125 ad for a month from Free Famous Quotes
1 VIP membership to CreateBanner.com
1 Entrecard banner design from  A Phone Sex Life

Other Prizes:

EC Credits:

14 Lucky winners will get 1000 credits from one of our fabulous sponsors:

1000EC from  Michael Aulia

1000EC from  Øblog

1000EC from  Better Inspirational Communication

1000EC from  Random Detox

1000EC from  Multiply Themes

1000EC from  Momawannabe

1000EC from  Singaporean In London

1000EC from  Abhishek

1000EC from  SEMscoop.com

1000EC from  A Second Cup

1000EC from  Kutsara at Tinidor

1000EC from  Ohio Real Estate

1000EC from  MonkeyChapps

1000EC from  Today’s Games


4 Lucky winners will get premium advertising spots from the following bloggers:

125×125 ad for a month  from Positive Thinking

125×125  ad for a month from Gift Reviews

1 month blogroll link from Freebie Reporter

125×125 ad for a month from Freebie Reporter

Let the games begin!

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