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For those of who read my blog, I am sorry it’s probably a little confusing, this blog for me has been a bit of a brain dump. I write what I want to write about and it is interesting to see who reads which posts. I have techie posts, girly posts, random posts, and even frustrated posts there are some people who read all of them, and then those that gravitate to what suits their particular tastes. I may one day split this into two blogs but we will see if and when that happens.

I initially embarked on The Get Smart Blog for research, to observe the intricacies of using blogging as a business tool. I have written articles, used video marketing, written a blog all for my mortgage business so I know how blogs add value in the real estate world, but I needed to see how it worked out in the less industry specific realm. I have had so much success using technology and the Internet in my business that I started a consulting company teaching others how to do it. I am an emotional person, as you saw in the Wrath post, but I am also a very analytical person and for me I have to have a passion for something before I will take it on, then I have to reason out how it can be done.

So I am always watching and taking mental notes, thinking about how I can use the information coming at me, it can be a little exhausting at times. I am like a sponge and I always want more. I have books, T.V’s., and notepads in almost every room of my house. I carry a digital recorder with me (that is no longer compatible with my computer because I have Vista-ridiculous) everywhere I go so I don’t forget a great idea. I am a research nut, actually I just love to learn and then I get excited about teaching what I know to others. So embarking on the consulting path, I realize now, was a natural progression for me and something I love doing. What I didn’t expect to really take to was blogging, for me a blog was a tool to be used to give depth, and increased exposure for a business, I honestly didn’t think I would like it.

It really hit me this last weekend, I needed a break from my computer and a little human (in person) interaction, so after my post on Saturday I spent the rest of the weekend out. The weather was great here, met up with some friends, had breakfast at a great little cafe I love, coffee at another great little place. Went to a quaint local book store picked up some books, I did bring my computer to the coffee shop on Monday, but other than that I was computer free. Like I said before I like to observe, so sitting having my coffee I watch people and their interaction with each other, taking my little mental notes. The realization I came to was that there is more of a sense of community on the Internet then in the “real” world. As I sat there I noticed people were interacting but only in their comfortable little groups not with strangers, for the most part at least-there were a few people that struck up conversations with strangers next to them.

I am not excluding myself here, because I was either reading, listening to my iPod, or so busy watching that I wasn’t developing lasting relationships either. I of course wasn’t the only one playing research scientist, I think most of us like to people watch, so while everyone there was out in the community we were all in our own little worlds. I was so in my own little world, that when a girl approached me to ask me if I knew that the guy who just left was sketching me, I realized I had been oblivious to someone sitting 10 feet away me watching and sketching me. I had to laugh which made the girl laugh and started us talking, so I did meet a few new people this weekend.

Crazy as this sounds after looking at all of my posts, I am a very private person, and blogging requires you to open up and let people get to know you as an individual not as a business, while you in turn get to know them. Sharing “personal” ideas and experiences freaks me out a little bit but what is even more astounding is how easy it is to get caught up in it. I wasn’t expecting to meet people, enjoy interacting with other bloggers, or to actually look forward to that interaction – I am still a little surprised by it all. In the mortgage business my blog was geared towards customers, prospective clients, strategic business partners, and the general public but not on a personal level more as an informational supplement to other marketing pieces. So the nerd in me is enjoying the depth and breadth of what a blog can be and the little extrovert-I didn’t know I had in me-is enjoying the aspect of just throwing it all out there for the world to see. Finally, the part I am most enjoying is the sense of community in blogging, and the people I have met and continue to meet here. I have had a great time contributing to this blogsphere.

I love surprises and this whole experience has been a beautiful surprise, and because I am a smart ass I have to make note here that only a woman could rage one day and throw out a mushy post like this the next! So I want to thank you all for reading this crazy blog and I look forward to our future interactions….

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