Another Reason Email is NOT Dead: Email and Social Media Integration with Xobni

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In business we are constantly looking for innovative ways to add more to our plate without adding more to the time clock….in most cases that is a fools errand, until now!  I am not sure how I am just now finding out about Xobni, they are a startup that has been around since 2006, but it is thanks to a LinkedIn blog post (actually it was a comment on this post) about LinkedIn’s upcoming integration into Outlook (can’t wait for this) that I stumbled onto this ridiculously cool tool!

Xobni (inbox spelled backwards….clever!) is an add-in for Outlook that helps you organize and connect with your contacts on multiple levels. This tool searches your contact’s information on Outlook and on the web returning shared network information, threaded conversations, files exchanged, upcoming appointments (Xobni Plus $29.95), as well as Skype, Hoover, and social profiles (Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn).

The Plus version of Xobni also offers advanced search and filter functions, suggest features, and 1 year of support. As if that weren’t enough they are still developing add-ons and extended features.

From the Xobni Blog:

There is a lot of excitement out there for our upcoming Blackberry product. We want to get this in your hands as soon as possible. And just yesterday we launched our Salesforce Extension.


I downloaded the free version today and I can assure you I am going to upgrade ASAP! They have created a fabulous tool for the business professional. During our Get Smart Web Workshops and Trainings we ask business owners, professionals, sales and marketing staff, marketing assistants, and any employee that we can finagle from a company to add interactive digital marketing to their already very full plates. We give them as many tech and software tools as we can find to make the new media integration as painless and consistent as possible, this one tool will be at the top of our list now!

Outlook is a staple in business, digital marketing is not- just yet, we are often asked to show the how, why, and ROI before the company jumps in. Since I have played with this tool (most of today!) I can in one download answer some of those questions. Using Outlook, which we do everyday, and Xobni you can see just how many people you can connect with outside of the normal channels. I can’t tell you how wonderful this is going to be for us as a marketing firm and for our clients, those poor souls that we continue to ask to pile just one more thing on their plate.

Great job Xobni….I am looking forward to future features. (Now that you have the Salesforce extension perhaps an ACT one….)

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