Apple WWDC 2014: Keynote Update

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Apple_gray_logoThe Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is a conference held annually in California by Apple Inc. The conference is used by Apple to showcase its new software and technologies for developers. WWDC attendees have the opportunity to get hands-on in Apple labs and with Apple engineers. [image]


“Over the past six years, a massive cultural shift has occurred. It’s changed how we interact with one another. Learn new things. Entertain ourselves. Do our work. And live out daily lives. All because of developers and the apps they create.” –Apple



At this year’s Apple WWDC, held from June 2-6 in San Francisco, there were several exciting updates and new features introduced. Take a look at what’s new with Apple:


OS X Yosemite

  • The Notification Center sidebar is getting a dramatic new look, with a translucent background, and new features that coincide with iOS. You can also customize the Notification Center by adding third-party widgets and apps.
  • Spotlight is finally getting a big update, with a search field in the middle of the screen. In the new Spotlight, you can search contacts, events, local documents, Wikipedia and more.
  • Safari has a new, smarter address bar, a “Share” button, and a functional new Tab View, allowing users a “bird’s eye” view of all their open tabs.
  • Markup is Mail’s new build-in editor for image attachments, which is separate from Preview. Apple also has a new solution for emails that contain oversized attachments that get rejected by the recipient’s email address: MailDrop allows you to store attachments up to 5GB in iCloud until the recipient is ready to download.
  • iCloud Drive is a new file system similar to Dropbox, where everything you have stored in iCloud will be accessible through Finder.



  • Handoff is a new feature of OS X that helps you share work across different devices. For instance, you can start a document in iWork and your iPad will prompt you to continue your work there once you move away from your laptop.
  • AirDrop will now allow users to share files between mobile devices and Macs.
  • Yosemite will automatically find your phone and get you started using a Wi-Fi hotspot much more easily than before.
  • iMessage will now include SMS messages, and you will be able to send and receive calls right from your Mac.


iOS 8

  • Instead of having to open up your full Messages app, with iOS 8 you can reply directly from the Notifications view and lock screen. You can also “Like” Facebook posts or utilize other apps beyond Apple’s right from your Notifications box.
  • Spotlight has been expanded drastically to now show you everything from iTunes updates and news to news articles and Maps entries.
  • Keyboards have gotten smarter with iOS 8. You are given more auto-complete choices and suggestions, and a new feature, QuickType, can even answer your questions. Apple also now lets you install and use third-party keyboards by default across your iOS devices. phone-158244_640
  • Messages app now allows for video messages, quick audio and more.
  • iCloud Drive, the new file sharing system, is fully integrated in iOS 8.
  • HealthKit helps track your personal health and fitness. iPhone owners can monitor their health on a daily basis and examine fitness trends over extended lengths of time.
  • Now, as long as each account is linked to the same credit card, Family Sharing will allow up to 6 family members share iTunes purchases across their devices. Family Sharing also enables calendar sharing, photo sharing, and parental control over purchases on their children’s devices.
  • Siri is now hands-free. Similar to Chrome’s “Ok, Google”, simply say “Hey, Siri” and your program will be called up automatically. [image]


For Developers

  • In what was a huge surprise, Apple announced a new programming language, Swift. Swift represents the future development across iOS and OS X and is said to be much faster than Objective-C code.
  • After many requests, your iPhone and iPad apps will soon have the ability to talk to each other. Apple is also introducing widgets for Notification Center, making it far more useful for quick information at a glance.
  • With HomeKit, you will be able to control some of your smart devices (garage door opener, security cameras, etc.) with Siri on your iPhone.


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