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Need some tips on marketing? Did you know that Facebook has the most users of any social media platform? In fact, over 74% of online adults use it monthly. Facebook has recently improved its marketing capabilities using an application called Atlas, which is designed to improve how marketers target their audience and even measure the effectiveness of the ads they use. (Information Source)

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Positive Changes for Facebook

facebookLIKE1. No cookies? No problem. Since cookies do not work on mobile devices, it’s difficult for marketers to track the interests of consumers – until Atlas. Using the “Like” button, Facebook has the ability to track third-party websites that people visit on their mobile phones. With Atlas, advertisers can find a specific audience to target ads, spreading “likes” and interests for third-parties without having to depend on cookies. Pretty sweet, huh? (Information Source)

Good News! No Need to Advertise in a Silo

For those of you unfamiliar with Silo, it’s basically what advertisers use for reporting how many people are viewing the RTB ecosystem. The problem with Silo is that it can be very misleading in the sense that it tracks people by how many devices they are using as well as which browsers are open. For example, you can be alone, but have your laptop using Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. Instead of being tracked as just a single person, Silo tracks 3, since I the person has 3 browsers open. This goes on to do the same thing with different devices such as iPhones, iPads, Androids, Desktops, etc. (Information Source)

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How Atlas Can Help


Atlas has the ability to target actual people vs. phantom people who are not engaged with the advertising content. Facebook’s audience network already allows advertisers to find appropriate audiences on a whole new set of inventory by using signals such as demographic, psychographic and behavioral data. Now, Atlas gives advertisers access to Facebook’s targeting precision across the entire web, wherever consumers access it.

What this Means for Advertisers

Consumer data is more accurate than you’ve ever seen before. Consumer habits can be monitored in real time across devices, enabling advertisers to paint a specific picture of their respective demographic’s “hot buttons”.

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Working Together


Facebook says it will be working with “a key group of partners that cross search, social, creative management and publishers.” Those partners include Instagram, which will be using Atlas “to both measure and verify ad impressions.” (Source)

So for all you savvy advertisers out there…this is just the beginning. Since Facebook owns Instagram, Atlas will be able to link with other social media sites to track online habits more effectively, painting an even more accurate picture of its myriad consumers- enabling advertisers to tune their marketing content strategies helping them achieve the greatest reach, engagement, and ultimately conversions from their target audience.

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