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This summer I decided to change things up a bit with The Get Smart Blog, I wanted a new look and better features. So I changed the template to a magazine style and moved the blog from Blogger to WordPress. Moving your blog isn’t that difficult to do, especially when you are moving the blog from Blogger to WordPress but it is time consuming.

WordPress has a nifty little import blog posts from Blogger feature, once the posts have been transferred you may, depending on your template, have to go through and tweak each post. This can be a tedious time drain if you have a lot of posts. Overall though it is not as awful an endeavor as I thought it would be, more of a pain than anything else.

The truly daunting part in moving a blog is that you may have to rebuild your backlinks, page ranking, Technorati, and Alexa rating. It isn’t really that hard it just requires time. You can also do a 301 redirect but there is some talk about Google not  liking redirects, so you need to get going on all of the other stuff as well.

Lately this is all I talk about with my blog and social buddies. The other day I was talking to the creator of Regretful Morning, Jason, and he was helping me strategize on building those great backlinks again. Jason told me I needed to get out there and comment more on those “power” blogs that are in the same category as mine, which would be tech, blogging, social media, even business. I already read those blogs regularly but I do not comment much. Well I didn’t comment much, now I have an opinion and it will be heard.

This conversation got me thinking and like the nerd I am I started looking into what the SEO and blog pros think of backlinking through commenting. I found a great article over at Untwisted Vortex, I have never visited this blog before but there is some good stuff there so I will be checking it out again soon.

In the post the author discusses Do Follow and Comment Luv, he made some great points about both:

1. Most people aware of having their comments followed still only enter their name and main website address in the comment header. These particular backlinks are practically worthless for link-building and keyword/phrase authority. What we should be doing is using keywords or key phrases instead of our names and using specific page URLs. Then add a signature so the blog owner knows who you are.

2. Comment Luv is great when it works and doesn’t require any work on your part but can be bad if your post title isn’t related to the page you are commenting on.

3.The best blogs to build your backlinks are those that are DoFollow blogs and use the CommentLuv WordPress Plugin. You can get two excellent backlinks at the same time.

There is one other addition that can be made, though it is probably going a bit overboard. There is a new plugin called the Rss Atom Avatar which allows you to set up an image as an avatar for RSS and a favicon for ATOM feeds of your posts.

So you could get links from Do Follow, Comment Luv, and the RSS Atom Avatar, three links, one comment…..Crazy.

So now I ask some important questions:

1. Have you tried the backlink strategy for the Do Follow blogs that Untwisted Vortex suggests?

2. Do you change your commenting habits on blogs that have the Do Follow and Comment Luv, for example do you comment more or leave better comments?

3. Would you have a problem with someone using the Do Follow backlinking technique on your blog?

I know for myself I do not change my commenting habits based on the backlink potential but I do get a little more excited when I see comment luv on a blog. So I have added it to this blog. I have the Do Follow feature as well and I am looking at this RSS Atom Avatar plugin.

I enjoy people commenting on my blog because I think varied opinions add to the post, but if I can also help my fellow bloggers out by giving them a good backlink I think that is good too.

We have also included Keyword Luv on this blog for information on using Comment Luv and Keyword Luv check out our newest blog post.

So tell me what you think, the nerd in me needs the information….

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