Best & Worst Ways To Use A Hashtag

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The hashtag. It has become a part of our daily lives, thanks to social media, and our love of becoming addicted to anything trendy. We may not all know exactly how to use a hashtag, but the majority of us have seen one and knows for what it’s typically used. For those of you who need to brush up on your hashtagging skills, we’ve compiled a helpful little list of some of the Best & Worst Ways To Use a Hashtag. You’re #welcome.

Best Uses:

The Trending Hashtag

This is the most basic uses of a hashtag. When on Twitter, if you would like to know what is going on in that moment, or what is currently popular, you will look for the hashtags that are trending. When you use a trending hashtag in your tweet on Twitter or photo on Instagram, you should always use it when applicable. For instance, if #FriendsandFamily is trending, be sure that your post is related to “Friends and Family” in some way.

The Obviously Ridiculous Hashtag

Although hashtags can be used for business, networking, and other valiant reasons, there is another kind of hashtag that can make us laugh and sometimes scratch our heads: The Obviously Ridiculous Hashtag. Have you seen hashtags like this?

  • #ItsMyPartyAndICanCryIfIWantTo
  • ItsAlmostThursdayWhichMeansItsAlmostFridayWhichMeansItsAlmostTheWeekendWooHoo
When people use this kind of hashtag, they’re not worrying about someone searching for it or whether or not it’s trending. They use this because they want to be funny, ridiculous, or just have fun with social media. This type of hashtag is all right if that’s your thing.

Worst Uses:

The Unnecessary Hashtag

This happens when people decide that common words like #the, #you, and #and are good uses for their post. They’re not. These types of words do not make for good hashtags because people won’t be searching for generic words like these.

The Stolen Hashtag

This particular use can not only be irritating, but it can be downright inappropriate at times. A great example of using the Stolen Hashtag was this insensitive usage right after the Aurora, CO shootings:


Not only did they steal the actual reason #Aurora was trending, but they used it in an inappropriate way.

The Irrelevant Hashtag

The Irrelevant Hashtag is as follows. You own a small business. Every tweet you send has #smallbiz #smallbusiness at the end, even when it has nothing to do with the content of that tweet. If you are posting a photo of the piece of cake you at last night, you don’t need to #smallbiz – it’s irrelevant.

The Overused Hashtag

When someone’s tweet looks like this, it’s not okay.


The Spoken Hashtag

No one should be saying “hashtag” out loud. This is something that should remain on your keyboard and never be spoken. So, don’t read this article aloud.

Which brings me to this.

Crazy, Funny Hashtags (just for fun):

  • #tossedsaladandscrambledeggs
  • #ReplaceGleeSongsWithOrange
  • TeamBackDimples
  • MakeBuscemiSay
  • FakeJayZLyrics
  • #ThingsIDoWhenIAmHomeAlone
  • #JewishBoyProblems
  • #ThereIsADifferenceBetween
  • #hipsterscience
  • #YOLOSwagForJesus
  • #countonmeactuallyfollowingwhoifollowedneed
  • #ArtistsEveryoneLikesButIDont
  • LeftMyProblemsIn2012sAndBoughtMyCarsIn2013
  • #hashtag

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