BLANK: What it’s all about

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Don and Ian, aka The Brothers of The Silence, creators of the online graphic-novel BLANK, explain the origins of the BLANK story and how the project came into fruition.

This is The Brothers of The Silence coming to you from the dungeon where they’re constructing Blank — the GRAPHIC NOVEL SERIES / Movies / Games (download the complete first chapter here:Chapter 1 – A Virus for the Virus). The two are embarking on their first BIG PROJECT since breaking with their publishing house. It’s finally time to attach the electrodes and bring their monster into the living world!

Find out more about the epic Graphic Novel at their Facebook & Twitter pages, Kickstarter page, and their official website.

BLANK IS A SUPERNATURAL ADVENTURE STORY — the stuff of Hollywood blockbusters. A beleaguered hitman discovers he is mankind’s last hope. The only problem: he’s already dead! In the next world he must fight increasingly menacing monsters to make his way back to this world so that he can vanquish the terror threatening to destroy all mankind. The story has tons of monsters, a ghost, a megalomaniacal psycho killer, a love story, warring families of two cults, beautiful assassins, an extinction-level virus and much more. It is truly an adventure franchise on an epic scale.

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