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I know some people hate writing and most people thoroughly despise routine tasks, and I know that blogging has all of that and more, but once you really start doing it you will not believe how much you end up enjoying it.

I know you are skeptical – so bear with me a moment, but blogging is about sharing ideas and most of us do that around water cooler every day anyway. Blogging is also about getting out there and getting information, hate to break it to you but we also do that quite a bit too through the television, radio, books, and the Internet. When I started blogging I knew that if I was going to keep up on it I would need to set some systems in to place to help me stay consistent and those systems would have to be cool and just a tad bit tech.

So here is where you start; you need content and unlike me you don’t want to spend half of every day looking for it so figure out what you like and what you might want to talk about now go out there and look for sources to help you.

Google Alerts; put in search words set up your time frame and Google will send content rich material to your email. To keep your information organized create a folder for the alerts and a rule to direct the alerts into the folder automatically.

RSS Feeds; RSS stands for real simple syndication and most news sources like CNN, CNBC, Bloomberg, Yahoo, etc. have a way for you to sign up for their information look for the big orange box at the top of this post. Once you sign up for a RSS feed, by clicking on the orange box, you can access the information under your favorites (This is the star icon located in the top left hand corner of your web browser) on your web browser tool bar.

Feed Readers; when you find blogs and content rich websites that you can subscribe to through the RSS feed you can use a reader application and have all of your subscriptions in one handy dandy place. Some of those readers are applications for your computer NewsGator, Firefox, Safari & Pulp Fiction. There are also online readers like Google Reader, Bloglines, Pageflakes, NewsGator, Netyibes

Blog Roll; If you have blogs that you frequent often and want to link them to your blog there is something called a blog roll and you can get it for free at none other than This website will give you the means to link other blogs to your blog site. If you have your blog through Google you can link your Google Reader to your blog page and get the same result.

Schedule a Blog; If you are on Google’s you can use to publish a future post. Simply go to the post editor, reveal the Date and Time fields using the “Post Options” toggle and enter a post date and time that is in the future. When you click the “Publish” button, your post will become “scheduled.” When the date and time of the post arrive, your post will be automatically published to your blog. You can also cancel it if you change your mind or the post becomes irrelevant.

Now I know the information I have provided is nothing new or revolutionary but for those new bloggers hopefully it will add a few tricks to your bag that will make blogging easier, more enjoyable, and ultimately more advantageous for you!!

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