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So you are sitting down to write your blog, you have tons of ideas and you are ready to go, but then the idea of sitting down organizing and typing out your thoughts just seems too tedious for words! So what do you do? Well you could just do a video but for us ego driven women that is work in its own right. To do a video you have to do your hair, put your make-up on, find the right top, set the right lighting……

I like to mix it up a bit and find new ways to do things, really I like to find easier ways to do things, but new and easy go hand in hand for me. I started playing around on the internet, I really didn’t know what I was looking for, but then like a vision I found Interesting, I do not have to write or get gussied up and I can pull other people into my blog by interviewing them. New, easy, and it is free what more could a smart girl ask for?!

So what is it this talk radio thing, well low and behold it is a social networking website….surprise, surprise. According to the site you have the features listed below as part of your membership.

*Free Internet radio talk show: No software download Free.
*Shared Revenue Program. [banner and audio adds, host plugs] *Live Chat: Lets hosts chat with listeners during and after live show
*Multiple participants: Receive up to 5 simultaneous guests/listeners on your show
*Promotional Tools: Copy and paste flash player and buttons to any blog or web site
*Show Archive: Saved automatically and available as MP3, RSS subscription or iTunes
*Reminders: Customized alerts by email or phone of upcoming shows
*Friends and Favorites; Collect listeners and add your favorite shows
*Customizable Profile: Add video, a blog, links to other sites or other widgets

What I like about this concept is that you can meet more people, mix up the drudgery of day to day blogging, and you do not have to worry about spell check. Nice!! Now there are some of you that are saying what am I going to talk about and who am I going to interview? My answer is the sky’s the limit! Have fun with this, get creative, hide in the anonymity of radio. Of course we will have to see if I can walk the talk because Get Smart Women has just signed up and we are working on our radio platform and schedule.

If the idea of radio listeners scares the bejeezuz out of you, there are other ways to put audio interviews and audio tracts on your blog or website. You can also have your audio transcribed and put that on your website as a downloadable resource. I wasn’t kidding when I said the sky’s the limit… go crazy!!

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