Bring Touchless Controls to Any Android Phone with Hovering Gestures

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The new Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone for Android packs some pretty cool, high-tech features – like touch-less controls! However, you don’t need to break your bank by buying a new phone to get all of these awesome features. With Hovering Controls you can use your phone just like Samsung Galaxy S4 does with Air Gesture and much more!

The app uses your phone’s proximity sensor to detect any hand waves above the screen. You can configure the app to use these gestures to open specific apps, silence alarms, control audio playback, return to your home screen, and more. You might not want to use the app all the time, but it’s great if you’re wearing gloves and can’t properly use your screen.

Hovering Control’s features allow you to:

  • Set apps to open with all the available gestures.
  • Silence alarm.
  • Silence incoming call.
  • Switch between recent apps (like back and forward behavior)
  • Fast go to home screen
  • QuickGlance like Galaxy S4 has
  • Control your music player (next/previous/pause/resume) even with screen off!!!
  • Shake phone during a call to activate/deactivate speakerphone.
  • Answer incoming call, just put your phone near to your ear (its like Hover Hold)
  • Lock/Unlock screen with hand slides!


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