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Are you tapping into the power of real-time information? The face of communication, research, and marketing is rapidly changing…..and the result is that the Id is controlling the Internet! If you can’t remember what the Id is it comes from Sigmund Freud‘s theory of personality where the id is the pleasure principle, the superego is the morality principle, and the ego is the reality principle.

There is supposed to be a healthy balance between these personality traits, and when there isn’t the world is turned upside down, but for whom? For a business owner, marketer, or salesperson people with poor impulse control, those with the need to be satisfied right now, is money in the bank! This is also true on the marketing side, it used to be that Nielson reports, white papers, and large scale research projects gave you data from last year, last quarter, or last month – now you can get real-time analytical data. Real-time gives your marketing relevancy, you are engaging your target market on what they are interested in today, not a year ago or even a month ago, but right now. Waht is more powerful than that?

So how can you capitalize on the real-time information (Twitter) phenomenon? Well according to Ron Conway there are 10 ways…

In this article on Angel Ron Conway blesses real-time Web highlights Conway’s plan

Prolific angel investor Ron Conway is focusing primarily on “real-time data” companies, accelerating his already considerable investment pace, reports VentureBeat. Conway is known for being one of the first outside investors in Google Inc. and as an investor in 500-plus companies over the last decade or so, including Twitter Inc., the poster child for the real-time Web.

You can read and watch Conway discuss the real-time web in more detail here:

Ron Conway’s top ten ways to make money from real-time data “If you add these up,” according to Conway, there’s “probably $5 billion dollars here.”

What tools can you use to watch, learn, and to structure your marketing and communication plan?

Since Twitter is the catalyst for the new-real time obsession we should start with tools that focus here:

BackTweets Flaptor Icerocket
Monitter MicroPlaza Musebin
Nearby Tweets Topsy Twazzup
Trendrr Tweefind Tweetmeme
Tweetscan Twendz TweetGrid
Tweetzi Twithority Twitscoop
Twitseek TwitStat Twitterfall
Twopular Xefer Twitter Charts

Tools that search Twitter and Beyond:

In an article from TechCrunch today CrowdEye’s introduction of CrowdRank Real-Time Search 4 tools are highlighted:

One of the richest areas of experimentation in search right now is how to rank real-time results. For the most part, that means finding relevance in Twitter and bringing up the most important Tweets for any given keyword (see OneRiot, Collecta,Scoopler). Today, real-time search engine CrowdEye is introducing its own real-time ranking algorithm called CrowdRank. It’s supposed to be like Google’s PageRank, but for the crowd.


CrowdEye is a new generation of search engine which looks at the worldwide web in a new way. By tracking discussions on Twitter, we can help our users find out what’s important to them right now in real time. CrowdEye has created innovative technology to scan through tweets, retweets, twitter links and more. We then provide you with powerful yet easy ways to slice, dice, summarize and categorize the data to answer your questions. Whether you’re interested in following your brand, baseball, celebrities, movies, or anything else people are talking about – CrowdEye can help you know what people are thinking.


Collects real-time data from blog posts, articles, comments on blog posts, updates from Twitter, Jaiku, Identica, photos from Flickr, TwitPic, yFrog and Videos from YouTube, Ustream


Scoopler is a real-time search engine. We aggregate and organize content being shared on the internet as it happens, like eye-witness reports of breaking news, photos and videos from big events, and links to the hottest memes of the day. We do this by constantly indexing live updates from services including Twitter, Flickr, Digg, Delicious and more. When you search for a topic on Scoopler, we give you the most relevant results, updated in real-time.


OneRiot, a realtime search engine, helps users find the news, blogs and videos that people are buzzing about. OneRiot ranks its search results using PulseRank, a realtime ranking algorithm that sorts web content according to its current social significance. By indexing pages shared by millions of Digg, Twitter, and wider social web users – including the contributions of OneRiot’s own three million-strong panel – OneRiot delivers fresh, hyper-relevant search results that answer the question: what is happening right now?


OneRiot’s Twitter tool, which basically hand curates tweets from the top sites in various categories on the web.


IceRocket is a a privately owned and operated Search Engine that focuses on blog search technology to search blogosphere, it also now searches Twitter, FriendFeed, Youtube, etc.

BlogPulse is a blog search engine that also analyzes and reports on daily activity in the blogosphere. features the following:

  • A Search Engine for blogs
  • A set of Buzz-Tracking tools that are applied to blog content daily to track blog activity on key issues, people, news stories, news sources, bloggers and more
  • A fun look at real-world Trends as reflected through blogs
  • Daily blog stats that measure activity in the world of blogging (number of blogs identified, new blogs created, number of blog posts analyzed)
  • A Trend Search that allows you to create trend charts comparing buzz in the blogosphere on up to three specific topics
  • A Conversation Tracker that follows and captures the discussion, or conversation, that emanates and spreads from individual blogs or individual blog posts
  • Blogger Profiles that identify top-ranked blogs and analyze their blog presence, activity and relative influence in the blogging world

We know there are more great free real-time research tools, so if you have one you want to share, be sure to include it in the comments…

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