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Recently I wrote about backlinking with the comment luv plugin, and whether it was a viable tool to help a blog with page rank and traffic. To get the most out of a backlink it is important to link to the right blog with a strong search word/term as an anchor.

The comments on the post showed that a great majority support do follow and comment luv, but there are those that do not support key word linking in place of your name.

Let’s look at the difference again, most people on a do follow blog comment like so:

Normally you give your name, main url, and write your comment. These particular backlinks do not help in link-building and keyword/phrase authority.


Great information thanks for the post

What we should be doing is using keywords or key phrases instead of our names and using specific page URLs. Then add a signature so the blog owner knows who you are.

Web 2.0 growth

This was very helpful thanks for the post


Based on some of the comments on the Do Follow post not everyone like’s this technique. Some feel this practice is tantamount to spam or could be abused and not worth the effort it takes to monitor so they kick these commenters to the curb.

In my own commenting habits I changed my signature url to be specific but left my name as the signature. I want the backlink but I do not want to insult anyone and in some cases building up author recognition is as important as keyword/phrase authority.

Then today, as I was deciding what to post tomorrow, Dan from Blogs About Everything left a comment on my Do Follow post.

His signature looked like this:

Dan @ Blogs About Everything┬┤s last blog post..List of keyword luv blogs

Now if you will look closely you will see the words Keyword Luv, so now we have Do Follow, Comment Luv, and Keyword Luv.

So what is this Keyword Luv component you ask? Well it allows you to leave your name and the keywords to link to your post so if we use the example above your comment would like this:

Bridget @ Web 2.0 growth

This was very helpful thanks for the post

Bridget @ The Get Smart Blog’s last blog post…Doing Business on Facebook

The Keyword Luv is a plugin that works in conjunction with Comment Luv and in my opinion keeps the comment personal but allows for the all important backlink.

For The Get Smart Blog we have added the plugin, I would like to help others with backlinking, and I believe that a one way link is more beneficial than a reciprocal link in most cases. If that is greek to you we will discuss it in one of our upcoming posts so stay tuned.

What do you think, is this a good compromise? Will it keep your comments coming in and you happy that you are getting non-spam type comments while still helping your fellow bloggers?

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