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Established by two former commercial real estate brokers, Alan Bernier and Garrett Krueger, the idea for Rofo—which stands for Right of First Offer—came from their firsthand experience as commercial real estate brokers.

While larger businesses typically had the people and resources on-hand to find and compare space, we saw entrepreneurs and small businesses struggle repeatedly in their search for the right place to
locate their business.

Rofo’s site is easy to navigate, broken into 4 distinct areas, search, needs, advice, and listing additions. This commercial real estate site addresses unfamiliar real estate jargon, average pricing for the area, reliable service providers, and has a forum for questions and answers.

Once items come across your account inbox, you can send property managers requests for showings, conduct Q&A sessions with users, and even publish reviews and directions for fellow users to consider when searching for space and ruminating needs. Mashable

I agree with Paul at Mashable, “that as a search utility alone Rofo is quite good if unfortunately very selective in regional focus.” Rofo announced on their blog 9/20/2008 their milestone acquisition of their 6,000th commercial listing in the Bay Area. Rofo is California based and predominately Bay Area focused, but like any good thing with more time and exposure looks like it could grow nationally, possibly even globally.

Rofo will be a great addition to the ever growing residential sites out there, my favorites being Activerain and Trulia.

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