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The summer months bring vacations, beach trips, and tans, but the warm weather can also bring around an unwanted guest: a hefty energy bill. This cost increase causes many to start scrambling for ways to save energy, so companies like Thinkeco are offering cool gadgets that give more control over energy, even when away from the house.

The smartAC

The Thinkeco smartAC allows users to ways to save energy remotely through a smartphone app. Did you forget to adjust the air temperature before leaving the house? The smartAC system allows you to adjust the temperature, even when you’re not home.

Thinkeco smartAC

All it takes is a simple app on your smartphone, and you can save energy while you’re away and return to the preferred temperature before you even get home. On top of home use, smartAC can also provide solutions for building managers with window units to control temperatures building-wide from a central location. [image]

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Energy companies in New York City, San Antonio, and Baltimore have even been giving the gadget away for free, allowing the companies to remotely raise AC temperatures by 3 degrees to help manage and prevent blackouts. If residents enrolled in this energy program don’t like the adjustment made to their temperature, they can override it.

How it works

The Thinkeco SmartAC works with all plug-in air conditioners. Using WiFi with Thinkeco software and a smartphone app, smartAC can work like a programmable thermostat. Create customized schedules to automatically turn the AC on and off or set the room temperature; use the cloud connection to adjust the settings from anywhere, as well as track your energy usage and savings plan.

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More ways to save energy from Thinkeco

Thinkeco also has a product called the modlet, an intelligent modern outlet that helps with saving energy on plugged devices when not in use.


For example, even if you’re not using the toaster plugged into your wall, the appliance is still using energy; the Thinkeco modlet allows you to customize your outlets to your schedule so that toaster isn’t sucking energy while you’re at work for eight hours. According to the Thinkeco website, plugged-in devices make up 40% of home and 26% of office energy; therefore, saving energy through your outlets could add up to real savings. [image]

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How it Works

The modlet plugs right into your existing wall outlet and communicates wirelessly to a USB or Ethernet Gateway. Like the smartAC, you can program the modlet to suit your schedule and control it from anywhere with the Thinkeco software and smartphone app.

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Is that energy bill haunting your home or workplace? Using smartphone technology, these cool gadgets from Thinkeco just may rid you of your energy-sucking demons and get you on your way to saving energy from anywhere.


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