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Spreecast is the social video platform that connects people through video conversation. You can use Spreecast to discuss current events, explore your interests, meet celebrities, host business meetings and conferences, and engage customers. You can even privately chat with friends, family and coworkers.

Engage with Customers

Brands use Spreecast to connect with customers, promote special events, announce new products and build their social presence. Get face-to-face with your clients and build rewarding relationships.

Discuss Current Events

Bloggers, journalists, and media companies use Spreecast to discuss and analyze the news. Spreecasts can be embedded on blogs or Facebook Pages and shared across the web.

Host Video Conferences

Businesses, schools and organizations hold interactive meetings on Spreecast using our private or unlisted settings. With unlimited participants and the ability to record, Spreecast is a robust web conferencing solution.

Explore Your Interests

From photography lessons to reality TV, people engage in fun and informative conversations every day on Spreecast. Meet people who share your interests.

Meet Celebrities and Personalities

Celebrities, authors and public figures use Spreecast to engage with fans on a deeper level. You can chat with a celebrity face-to-face and create a clip to share with friends.

Chat with Friends and Family

Friends use Spreecast to keep in touch when they’re apart. Create a private or unlisted spreecast to chat with friends and family, and invite specific people via Facebook or e-mail.

Teach and Learn from Anywhere

Teachers and schools use Spreecast as an interactive educational tool to engage students and augment both distance learning and traditional classroom environments. Spreecast is a great addition to any MOOC (massive open online course) and can also be used for study groups or office hours.



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