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So, if you read yesterday’s post you know I have more time on my hands these days, which is good because it allows me to get back to consistent blogging again. It’s about finding the silver lining right?  The best way to get the creative writing juices flowing is by surfing the Internet and most especially the blogsphere.

While making the rounds I happened onto a blog and saw an interesting post titled; Organizing With Qlubb-to get my attention all you need to do is insert a nerd/tech word and/or an unrecognizable word and I am all over it.

After looking at the Qlubb post, a post on getting a group organized, I thought about all the ways you could use this tool to create your own social network. Most individuals, myself included, would never think to try and create their own social network, that is what techie web designers do right? How would you even go about it? As it turns out you do not need to be a web designer because the work has already been done. You just need to know where to go to get it.

Once I began looking into micro social networking, web sites just started jumping out of the woodwork. So, if you are tired of the gigantic social networks, MySpace, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Digg, Stumble Upon, etc. you can create your own.

There are more sites out there but for this post I have highlighted three:

Qlubb is a site, that provides a platform for people to start their own social network. This is not only a let’s get together site but an organization site, multi-tasking at its best.

From Qlubb’s about us section:

Qlubb is a web-based group utility that enables real-world groups to easily connect, share and get stuff done. Qlubb brings all aspects of group interaction to one simple and intuitive place. With event calendaring, sign-up sheets, photo sharing, member rosters, task reminder service, and bulletin boards, Qlubb provides all the functions needed to easily and actively participate within a group.

Teamr like Qlubb provides a platform to organize and communicate with a team or group. Founded by a group of active recreational sports league players who got together to create a better way for their captains to manage their teams.

The purpose of Teamr is to provide a user-friendly, effective way for teams to organize themselves. Teamr provides the latest technology to help teams of all sizes stay organized. With our group membership software, large and small teams can quickly communicate and stay up-to-date on the latest happenings.

Ning is another site that enables you to create your own groups or social networks, co-founded by Marc Andreessen (he built Netscape) and Gina Bianchini (former Goldman Sachs investment banker). As the other two sites have a more defined purpose Ning has groups for any and everything, just check out their networks page. The networks section has 2,472 pages with 20 networks per page (excluding the last one it only has 14) that is over 40,000 networks!

A great article about this site and its creators is at entitled Ning’s Infinite Ambition. The article is interesting because it discusses the concept of a viral expansion loop.

It’s a type of engineering alchemy that, done right, almost guarantees a self-replicating, borglike growth: One user becomes two, then four, eight, to a million and beyond. It’s not unlike taking a penny and doubling it daily for 30 days. By the end of a week, you’d have 64 cents; within two weeks, $81.92; by day 30, about $5.4 million.

I am unsure of how well the viral expansion loop has worked for Ning, but definitely worth considering since I need a new outlet for all this time I have, and I could definitely use $5.4 million.

Seriously, if you are looking for a way to organize an existing group, or a platform to start a new group these web sites may be just what you are looking for. Teamr and Qlubb appear to be excellent for local, community, or work groups, while Ning would appeal to larger global groups.

If you are in a group on one of these sites or a similar site I would love to hear about it….

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