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I was checking out a site the other day and they had this great video widget, always looking for the next best widget I clicked on it. The “videowall” that is what they call it was from Daily Motion, France’s provider of online video content from both user-generated and media partnership sources. Basically this site is a much much smaller version of Youtube, like Youtubes 2nd cousin, but the cool thing about it is no company stamp and the video wall.

Videowalls let you display a group of videos on your site with a slick interface. You can display up to 81 videos in a Videowall. You can create Videowalls from a user or group profile page by clicking the “Create a Videowall” button, located in the profile pane just beneath the user or group description.

The videowall has so many applications for blogs, social sites, websites, etc. you can use the wall to display marketing and advertising videos, company profiles, or just fun stuff. The wall is small like most widgets (but it can get rather large, up to 81 videos- wow) which means it can be displayed in a prominent location on your site, so people do not have search around to find your video content.

A couple of logistical points:

o MP4 (H264), MOV, WMV, AVI formats (many are supported)
o 320×240, 640×480 or 1280×720 resolution
o 25 frames per second (framerate or fps)
If you want to upload videos longer than 20 minutes or in High Definition, become a motionmaker

What is a motionmaker you ask?

A MotionMaker is a creative user who does not have any limits to the length or file size of videos they can upload. The MotionMaker’s videos may be featured on the homepage, within channels, or elsewhere on the Dailymotion site.

In order to join the program, first register under the appropriate creative user category (filmmaker, reporter, musician, entertainer, or extreme) and accept the special terms and conditions. Once you have registered, label one of your videos as “creative content” on the video edit page. Your video will be transmitted to the Dailymotion team, which will review it for compliance with MotionMaker standards in order to validate your status.

So get out there and make some of those cool video walls and let me know how it goes. I am still building mine it should be up soon, check back.

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