Business and Product Review Sites: Do You Know How You Rate?

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brand managementThe most powerful weapon in the business arsenal is…. Knowledge. In business what you don’t know CAN hurt you.

Branding and reputation management used to be a bit simpler, sell a great product or service, provide exceptional customer service, and stay in-front of your clients and potential clients. In a nutshell, stay involved and you will hear what people are saying about you. Well now, staying involved and in-front of people extends past your local community and onto the vast reaches of the internet. And of course not in just one place on the internet but everywhere, in forums, networks (social, business, and niche), blogs, and user generated review sites.

On The Get Smart Blog we have spoken quite a bit about social media and how businesses and individuals can build interactive communities to grow and improve their organizations. Today we have a list of sites that consumers are visiting to get and give feedback on products and services. Some of these sites are a combination of reviews and community, some are just reviews from users and/or experts, and some are local search and discovery sites.

So why should you pay attention to these sites? Well because consumers are, on a local and global level. Which means that if someone says something about you or your business there is a high probability that hundreds, thousands, and possibly even millions of eyeballs could see it. Some of these sites have such stellar page rankings, that if just one review for a business or product gets posted it will hit the front page of the search engines for years to come.

Now you can’t control what people say about you, but you can control how you respond to what is said about you. For a consumer the review is important but quite often the response, or lack there of, from the entity being reviewed is even more so. If you are serious about building brand awareness and creating brand advocates you must get out there and start engaging people. It starts with listening,  then authentically responding, and finally rewarding those individuals that have taken the time to spread the message about you.

There is no better time to get started then right now….go check some of these sites out and see how YOU rate.

Business Reviews Product Reviews Local Happenings   & Reviews Local Search

We scoured the internet for these sites, but we are aware that new one pops up every day, so if we have missed a great review site please us know.

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