Dropbox for Business is Here

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In its early days, Dropbox primarily focused its efforts towards the regular consumer. Though, as the popular file-sharing service grew, more and more businesses began adopting the useful tool. After dabbling with business-focused features for a while, Dropbox is now officially launching Dropbox for Business, with tools designed to make the service as convenient as possible for IT managers.

The new feature users seem to be most excited with is the introduction of single sign-on, a feature which let a company’s employees sign into Dropbox with the same login info they use for all company services. This also means easier management of those with access to Dropbox folders, since single sign-on will be tied to active directory integration. If a company deletes someone from their main directory, that change will automatically be reflected in Dropbox.

This new addition of single sign-on hopes to catch the eye of many businesses who may be on the fence about adopting Dropbox into their business plan. The new Dropbox for Business aims  to make the service as convenient as possible for IT managers. Will your business keep an open mind about Dropbox for Business?



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