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Recently I wrote about a 70,000 Credit Entrecard Contest, where I discussed using an Entrecard contest to get people to your blog. A contest is of course a phenomenal idea, but since they have changed the rules on credit swaps, a little difficult now.

Let’s recap the last post:

Entrecard is a networking and traffic generation system.

If you are new to blogging or just have never heard of Entrecard:

  • Entrecard is a blogging network.
  • You drop your card to show other bloggers that you visited their site.
  • Other sites then drop their card on your site.
  • Entrecard uses a currency – Entrecard Credits (EC for short).
  • You can use this currency to buy adverts on other sites.
  • They also have forums that you can participate in.

To see what it looks like, look on the right hand side of this blog.

Top ways to get traffic from Entrecard:

1. Drop cards

2. Participate in the forum

3. Have a contest

I didn’t mention using credits to advertise on other blogs, because I have found it doesn’t bring much traffic. I would still do it, but do not pay for it or spend time you do not have on it.

The BEST way to get traffic from Entrecard is to drop 300 cards a day, now that can take quite a while if you do not know the tricks to doing it. So I am going to tell you how do it quickly.

1. Download Fire fox http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/

2. Download No Script Addon https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/722 (keep it disabled until you drop)

3. Download Alexa toolbar http://www.alexa.com/site/download/

4. Download Entrecard toolbar http://entrecard.com/page/ec_toolbar

When you are ready to drop:


Under Load images automatically (exceptions) type in amazonaws.com and entrecard.com (so the entrecard boxes will show up)

Uncheck load images automatically and uncheck enable java


Enable no-script addon

Now you need a list to drop on: here are two great lists to start from

Turnip of Power’s list

  1. Download the following zip file: Entrecard.zip
  2. Unzip file, open Firefox and choose “Organize Bookmarks”
  3. Now choose “Import” and point towards the entrecard.html file.

Ty’s Blog list

    1. Download the entrecard bookmark list
    2. Same as above

Dropping tactics, this should take you 20 to 30 minutes.

    1. Open two or more windows (depends on your computers memory) not tabs windows.
    2. Scroll down to your Entrecard files, right click the file and open all links, this will open about 15 tabs, repeat in the other open windows
    3. Give your computer a minute or so to get all the windows open and then start dropping.

List Maintenance

These are lists to start from, but you need to remember your target audience, page rank and search engine goals, and relationship building. So start with these lists and then clean up and organize the list to fit your individual needs.

I split my lists into categories like this, it helps me with Entrecard, commenting, and backlinking:

    1. Favorite blogs
    2. Women bloggers
    3. Tech bloggers
    4. Humor blogs
    5. Business blogs


  1. Continue to comment on blogs, you are out there to get traffic and build relationships. You need to keep up with that by keeping the personal aspect in your blogging efforts.
  2. If you see an interesting blog being advertised on an Entrecard drop click it and check it out. You need to keep your list fresh, organized, and targeted this is the way to do it.
  3. Monitor your inbox on Entrecard to see who is dropping on you, those are the people you will continue to drop on. You will start deleting those that never drop by your blog.
  4. Entrecard is just one way to build your Alexa rating and get traffic to your blog, you need to pair this method with other traffic building avenues to bring the readers to your blog.
  5. One more time, blogging is about personalizing your business, really getting to know your community and target market. So find blogs that you enjoy, that compliment your content (this is important for backlinking), and that are reciprocal.

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