F8 Recap: How Facebook will change the way businesses market themselves

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The second day of Facebook’s annual F8 conference has passed, and some big announcements were made at this year’s event.  Among the most promising Facebook changes to come for most business owners are chatbots in messenger, live video streaming, and instant articles.  Let’s look at each one of these new features and see how they can improve your business marketing strategy.
1. Chatbots | Customer Service and Support Through Facebook.
What is a chatbot? It is software that is designed to automate tasks that you would normally do yourself. In the case of a small business, chatbot can act as your sales, customer service, and support portal. You can use the chatbot to instantly answer any questions a client may have, or even help with making a purchase by sending images of products, buy buttons and other useful information.
Chatbots keep customers more engaged, prevent lag time in communication and improve customer service. But don’t get too excited about a computer handling all your customer service needs. At the end of the day, only a real human can convert an unsatisfied customer into a happy one. There are just traits that a bot doesn’t have, yet: being personable, attentive and courteous to name a few.
2. Live Video | Video Streaming for Businesses Through Facebook
Now any business can post live videos directly to their news feed.  The Facebook Live feature can be very beneficial if you want to share company news, updates, or even live stream events. But just know that taking a live video and streaming it directly to your clients comes with great responsibility, thorough preparation and planning ahead.  One mishap and everyone who is tuning in will know about it.
3. Instant Articles | Content Publishing Through Facebook
Facebook’s instant articles are now available to any publisher, a feature that lets mobile users experience more relevant content without leaving the social platform. Here is what you get by using instant articles in your news feed:
1. 20% higher open rate
2. 70% better retention rate
3. 20% more likely that your articles will be shared on Facebook.
But those great numbers come with a price. Here are the cons:
1. Limited Audience. Instant Articles are now only available on iOS, so Android users would have to wait until the new update comes out.
2. Loss of traffic. With rich content living directly on Facebook, companies might lose some of the traffic that leads to their website.
3. Limited Ads. Facebook will still allow you to use ads on its Instant Articles, but the number of these ads will be limited which could lead to a drop in revenue. So some companies might want to reconsider their advertising strategy.
All in all, these new and upgraded features offer great potential for individual and businesses using Facebook, but the key will be to find what works best for your company. If you do not find all of these new Facebook features, beneficial you can be assured that Facebook is constantly striving to provide the best user experience to its users as well as improve its products so businesses can use the Facebook platform to its fullest potential. So there will be more to come.

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