Facebook creates Donate Now button

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Many people on Facebook may come across a worthy cause or charity that they want to donate to, but go on doing something else on Facebook and forget all about it. Now, with Facebook’s new Donate Now button, Facebook users will be able to donate just by the click of a button, without having to venture away from Facebook.com.


Facebook lets users Donate Now

This new button will be visible on posts from the specified nonprofit organization and will show up in users’ News Feeds. It will also be at the top of the nonprofit’s Facebook page for ease of use and access. Those wanting to donate can do so with debit or credit card, or through a PayPal account.


Donate Now button limited use

Currently, this feature is only allowed for approximately 18 nonprofit partners, such as the American Red Cross and Water.org, and nonprofits with a strong Facebook presence will be able to quickly take advantage of this new feature.

Mobile donations?

There has been no mention of a particular timetable for the donation mobile availability, but a Facebook spokesperson called mobile integration a “priority.”


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