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Facebook recognizes it’s immense potential to reach a global audience. Facebook has been rapidly evolving since it launched in 2004 and has been an essential tool to help keep in touch with friends and relatives, connect with businesses, play games and more.

This past April, Vadim Lavrusik was hired on at Facebook to be the Journalist Program Manager. According to Vadim’s Facebook profile, he is “responsible for building and managing programs that help journalists utilize Facebook in their reporting while advocating on their behalf to improve social journalism on the platform.”

Why does Facebook make a good platform for journalism?

-Subscribers: Facebook now allows users to subscribe to a profile. This options allows journalists to manage their content. They can still have a private profile to share with their friends, but they can still reach a wide audience with the public content they choose to post.
-Dialogue: Facebook offers quick communication between the journalist and the reader. Readers can comment, ask questions and become more engaged in the story.
-Reporting: Journalist are always hunting down sources and information. Facebook can be used to connect efficiently with a large variety of sources via private message, chat or video chat.
Engaging tools: Journalist can utilize Facebook as a multimedia platform. Users have the ability to upload videos, photos and articles. The Questions tool can also be used to engage and measure the audience’s reaction.
-Mobile accessibility: Facebook can be easily assessable with a smart phone device or tablet. This allows journalist to provide frequent, ongoing updates with each story.
-Authenticity: Transparency, context and complexity are what make a story authentic. Using Facebook to distribute stories allows readers to get to know journalists more personally, which can help create transparency. Journalists can also use plug-ins and insert links to provide additional complexity and context.

The media industry has been changing with the increase of technology. Regardless of what platform a journalist utilizes, Facebook can still be used as a supplementary platform to increase audience.

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