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Facebook launched their new Facebook Insights for Facebook pages….

This is a long time coming and could still be improved upon BUT for a free service the new analytics for Facebook pages is great!

Facebook has made a lot of changes over the last couple of weeks and most of the changes seem to be focused on giving more control to the user (Facebook Timeline) and making “right now” information available right now (Friend Stream). In other words they are Twitterfying their site, yes they are but on top of that they are taking a page from LinkedIn too.

On LinkedIn you are drawn in by the reach of your connections, forget 6 degrees in just 3 degrees of separation you can reach millions!

That’s awesome right? Well it is and it isn’t….to reach those millions I would have to start getting introductions and make them contacts. They don’t see my postings or my profile unless we’re a first degree connection, connected through a group, or they see a Question and Answer posting.

Finally the analytics on LinkedIn just shows me how many times I have appeared in search and number of profile views.

To learn more I have to pay for pro.

Facebook gets knocked a lot for the changes they make, and sometimes I am there knocking them with everyone else, but today I am giving them some props. The new Facebook Insights are a step in the right direction they are better than LinkedIn and Twitter. So, though Facebook may be playing catch up in some areas they are farther along in other areas….namely in sharing information about their users.

I know you don’t like that you don’t have any privacy on Facebook but as marketer I do. Sorry, it’s the truth.

With the new Facebook Insights you can see:

ROF: Return on Fans (notice they call them fans again) In the past we guesstimated, if the average user has 130 friends then I have a reach of ‘x’. Well now Facbook will tell you what your fan reach is.

ROT: Return on Talk. You can see how many people are talking about you through posts this week on your page (actually anyone can see that on the left side of your Facebook page) but then through Facebook Insights you can see how far that talk goes, if it is an improvement or a dip, and REALLY dive into to previous posts. In the past you could see your last few posts, now you can sort by date, virality, reach, engaged users, and number of people talking about a post.

How People Are Talking About Your Page is great! With all of the varying breakdowns you can really quantify how people engage with your content, this will help you see how what you post really matters.

Who has more sway you or your fans? Now you can qualify how encouraging stories from your customers really pushes your brand out there. When we compare our posts to that of our fans we can see that we may get consistently more views but when a fan shares a story/post it stays viral longer and in some cases pops higher than even our best day.

All of the statistics are based off of unique interactions, which I think is great, but there is something to be said for those people that are constants. Your advocates, ambassadors, and cheerleaders, it would be nice to see who those people are in the analytics section. I hope this feature comes soon, even if it is a paid feature I would buy it.

I am excited to see this new Insights section from Facebook, it gives me as a marketer and business owner more usable information. And you can’t beat the price!

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