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When Blippy came on the scene in 2009, it was a type of social-sharing-for-commerce company. Blippy users could link their credit cards to the site, sharing their purchases with other users. This gave their friends a great view of their shopping and spending habits. But no one cared. There was no market for this, and in 2011, it was gone. But Blippy’s back with the same name but a completely new game! [image]


The new Blippy concept is an app used as an easy way to find and create GIFs. This free app allows users to find trending GIFS on their feeds, and keep their favorites just a click away.


The creator tool also lets you choose a GIF you love and add your own message to it, leaving room for users to be creative.


Everyday, we are becoming more and more of a visual society, and Blippy is just getting you visually connected, one GIF at a time.

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