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If you are a consistent blogger and/or social media junkie, you have probably found that sometimes writing the content is not as challenging as finding the images to enhance that content. One of the first questions I am asked by new bloggers is; “where can I go to find photos on the internet?”

So let’s talk about few sources…

Most people start to search for images through the search engines :

Search engines can be a great place to start, but usually your search will send you to a blog or website that is using an image you like, but 9 times out of 10 the site does not source that image. It is important to get your graphics from the source so you know if it is copyright protected or open for use.

Ask image search
Google image search
Yahoo image search

To ensure that the images you use on your website and/or blog are properly used you can narrower your search by including forms of licensing in your search.

Google Advanced Search
Yahoo advanced image search
Yahoo Creative Commons Search
Wikimedia Commons

Going directly to the source:

Free Stock Images (Read the fine print, some of these are free if you are not making money on the item or product that you put the image on):

stock exchange


Pay For Commercial Images:


Getty Images

Like anything on the internet there are hundreds, if not thousands of sources to get images from. Here are a few good articles that list more photo tools and sources.

Mashable Photography Toolbox

Mashable Creative Commons

Random Knowledge

Where do you go to get your images?

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