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There are numerous components involved in writing a good blog post. You start with good content that includes internal links and strategic keywords, top it with an audience grabbing title and then finish it off with an engaging yet easy to follow structure. Once you have done all that then you move in to SEO, syndication, pinging, feeds, and so and so forth. There are so many components in fact, that sometimes it can seem a bit overwhelming.

So when tools come along that make the blog writing process not only easier but possibly even enjoyable it is worth sharing.

Today we are going to talk about a tool that helps you get a few of those important components into your blogs without taking all day to do it.

Zemanta is blog tool that works with your chosen blog platform, browser and/or blog writing software to automate searching and inserting images, internal links, tags, and text into your posts.

Images are selected from Wikimedia Commons, Flickr and various stock photo providers. Selection is based on contextual comparison of your text and the image’s title, description and articles they were used in originally.

Zemanta suggests related articles from their index of 3000 top media sources and the blogs of their users.

Internal smart links point to Wikipedia information

A reblog button appears at the bottom of your blog so readers can easily and properly reblog your content

Reblog allows your readers to quickly republish parts of your blog posts on their blogs, while at the same time giving you proper attribution with a backlink.

Blogging platforms that Zemanta supports

Zemanta also has an addon for FireFox, a plugin for Internet Explorer, and a version for Microsoft Live Writer, that supports a number of other platforms through XML-RPC. Users have reported to successfully use it with Vox, and SquareSpace.

Keeping it all together

First you write your blog content, then you publish it on your blog, and finally you share it with your friends. There are plenty of addons, plugins, scripts, and feeds that help you syndicate and share your blog but it is always nice when you can combine those steps with one tool.

My Friends and Flickr integration

You can connect you Zemanta account with your FaceBook, MyBlogLog and Twitter account. They aggregate your contacts and later recommend links to their profiles and avatar pictures, when you mention your friends names in your blog post.

Feed Reader

You can upload an OPML file from your feed reader and get recommendations from sources you are regularly reading or that you trust the most.

Now the fun part, the rating…..with all these bells and whistles, the constant upgrades, and new releases I have to give this one 5 out of 5 Smart Gals.

Smll Smart Gal Smll Smart Gal Smll Smart Gal Smll Smart Gal Smll Smart Gal

I would love to hear what you think…..

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