Google launches a new free app for teachers

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Google recently launched a new free app to help teachers generate and organize assignments, as well as communicate with their classes. Part of the Google for Education suite, Classroom is yet another tool trying to make things a little easier on teachers.

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About the app

Still in preview mode, Google Classroom combines Google Docs, Drive, and Gmail to allow teachers to create and organize assignments. It’s designed to free up more time for teachers in the classroom by going paperless, eliminating the need to spend time handing out or collecting assignments, while also giving teachers a platform to communicate with students, even when they’re outside the classroom.

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Google’s promises

Paperless assignments: Classroom will help teachers create and collect assignments paperlessly.

  • Automatically create Drive folders for each assignment and for each student.
  • Share a single document or automatically make a copy for each student.

Easy organization: Classroom will help teachers and students keep classroom materials straight.

  • See who has or hasn’t completed the work.
  • Students can see what’s due on their Assignments page.
  • All class materials are automatically filed into folders in Google Drive.

Fast communication: Teachers and students can communicate inside and outside the classroom.

  • Teachers can give real-time feedback, make announcements, and post questions.
  • Students can post to the stream to connect with each other or the teacher.

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Why it’s cool

This new app seems like a pretty cool deal because it allows teachers and students to keep all their important classroom materials and assignments in one place. It also helps save precious minutes in the classroom for teaching because teachers don’t have to spend class time by handing out worksheets or collecting papers, and the Assignments page helps make sure everyone knows what’s due.

Unlike other similar web services that may require a subscription, Google Classroom will be free for schools.

Click to learn more about the Classroom app or Google for Education.


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