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I have this thing about, to me it is like a mini Discovery Chanel meets National Geographic meets Encyclopedia Britannica-I love it! The video segments are short and sweet, sometimes just giving you enough to get you out there searching for more information and sometimes providing enough information to keep you updated and content. Today’s video pick is a deep sea exploration. Jules Verne eat your heart out baby!

Ocean explorer Robert Ballard takes us on a mindbending trip to hidden worlds underwater, where he and other researchers are finding unexpected life, resources, even new mountains. He makes a case for serious exploration and mapping.

From an early age, Robert Ballard was intrigued by the deep. He’s perhaps best-known for his work in underwater archaeology; in addition to Titanic, he has found the wrecks of the Bismarck, the USS Yorktown, the nuclear sub Thresher (on a top-secret mission for the Navy — for which the Titanic was his cover story) and John F. Kennedy’s PT-109.

His contributions to our scientific knowledge of the ocean is just as awe-inspiring. He was in the first team of humans to view the deep-sea vents, and to understand how life can not only survive but thrive in these deep black waters, under extreme pressure and at extreme temperature.

He’s also a powerful storyteller and a passionate scientific educator. He founded the Institute for Exploration and has pioneered distance learning in classrooms around the world. Through his JASON Project, 1.7 million students a year join scientists virtually as they experience the thrill of exploration and discovery.

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