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Come One…Come All!!

Ok, so I was on Krapsody’s blog the other day seeing what’s up and looking around I saw this translator widget (if you’re questioning what that is, take a gander over to your right, scroll down a bit-yep you got it, that is a Google Translator widget) and as you can see I had to have it. So I Googled it, found it, and then put it on my site. I like the mini version over the big daddy in your face one.

If you do not want or can’t put this handy dandy little tool on your blog and/or website there is still the free online translation tool I talked about a while back so you can use that. I just think this tool is less labor intensive and a lot more versatile-just me though.

This is the freak that I am, I have been getting a kick out of clicking on the translator to see my blog in French, Spanish, etc… (probably going to skew my site stats-duh!) I had no idea I wrote so beautifully in those other languages-I am quite impressed with myself!

I am not sure how much it will be used but because I want everyone to be able to hang out on this blog I thought it was a nice addition to the page. As a side note, according to Lijit (check out the map icon also located on the right side) I did have some viewers from Calcutta-sorry no Bengali translation…bummer, Luxembourg-oh yeah we have French and German for you buddy, San Paulo-nice we have the Portuguese for you, Tripoli-dang no Arabic, and so on and so forth.

So we will please some but not all, but well that just sums up life doesn’t it.

Alrighty then so on this tech toy I give it 5 out 5 Smart Gals (Oh yeah that’s right top ranking-this is mostly because it kept me entertained for a good 20 minutes today)

Cost FREE….entertainment value PRICELESS!

Smll Smart Gal Smll Smart Gal Smll Smart Gal Smll Smart Gal Smll Smart Gal

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