Helpful Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac and Windows

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Ever wish there were an easier way to maneuver the Internet, screen, or text on your Mac or PC? Here are some useful keyboard shortcuts to check out!


Side-by-Side Comparison of Mac OS and Windows 8 Shortcuts


Take a picture of the entire screen and save it

Mac: Command+shift+3

Windows: Windows logo key+Prnt Scrn


Switch between Internet tabs

Mac: Control+tab

Windows: Ctrl+tab


Zoom in or out

Mac: Command+ (plus key) to zoom in; command- (minus key) to zoom out

Windows: Ctrl+ (plus key) to zoom in; Ctrl- (minus key) to zoom out


Switch to other installed input languages and keyboard layouts

Mac: Command+spacebar for an input language you previously used; Command+option+spacebar for next input source in the input menu

Windows: Windows logo key+spacebar


Refresh active web window

Mac: Command+R

Windows: Ctrl+R or F5


Undo last action in text

Mac: Command+Z

Windows: Ctrl+Z


Redo last action in text

Mac: Shift+command+Z

Windows: Ctrl+Y


More useful shortcuts for Mac

Restart immediately: Command+ctrl+eject

Shutdown immediately: Command+opt+ctrl+eject or power button

Define highlighted word: Command+control+D

Empty trash: Command+shift+delete


More useful shortcuts for Windows

Switch between open applications: Ctrl+alt+tab

Open the task manager: Ctrl+shift+esc

Search for files and folders: Windows logo key+F

Get help: Windows logo key+F1

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