Holiday Tech Stocking Stuffers

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For the gadget lovers on your shopping list, here are some of the newest tech products… just in time for the holidays!

The Grid It Organizer stores all of your cords, chargers, thumb drives, and storage devices. Easy to pack & unpack, and helps to keep track of everything you bring with you on trips. Fits easily into your suitcase on your way out the door!

The Beverage Warmer ensures that your coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or cappuccino stays hot for you to enjoy at your own pace. This device works like a heated coaster & doesn’t require any special glass or mug. Perfect for business meetings or working at the computer.

The iTwin
a double-sided thumb drive that splits apart in the middle, allows you to plug one half into one computer and the other half into the second and instantly you can drag and drop files from place to place.

Attach the XD Design Solar to your window to capture the maximum amount of solar power to charge up your devices such as an iPod, mp3 player, or any digital camera. Great for conserving energy & going green! 

Three Camera Lenses for your cell phone are small lenses that attach on to the outside of your camera phone. You have the options of Telephoto, Fisheye, & Macro/ Wide Angle Lens. The telephoto lens allows you to take great quality photos from  a distance, while the Macro/ Wide Angle lens provides great up close & personal shots. Add some quirky creativity to your pictures with the Fisheye lens. Take professional style photos with your camera phone!

Visit Think Geek for more gadgets for stocking stuffers!


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