How To Set Up a Blog on Blogger Part 1

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We had an interesting blog class yesterday, those who attended did so with enthusiasm and lots of questions……lots of questions. It was a great class and I had tons of fun but it didn’t feel like I had accomplished my goal. What was my goal you ask? To get people blogging, to set them up on the spot with their blog page and ready to put in their first blog!! I was only marginally successful there. The class taught me quite a bit about varying levels of interest and understanding. I practiced my presentation a few times before I did it, I ran through the screens before I started, and yet as we got going I felt as prepared as if I had at that moment decided to do the class. I thought the class would be easy, quick, and a huge success!! I believe it was a success but I also think that instructing people on how to do something on the Internet, or that is technical with multiple steps, is better done a by a pre-made video rather than live and in real time. So now we will test my theory, for those individuals that attended the class and are now watching this video please comment on which method was easier to understand?

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