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Twitter has made sharing content with specific people or groups easier with a new app update that allows you to tag other Twitter users in photos in a tweet. You can tag up to 10 people in a photo without subtracting from your available 140-character count, and you can share up to four photos in one tweet with a new collage feature. Want to start using these features? Make sure you’ve gotten the latest Twitter app update, and then follow these steps:

Twitter What's Happening

Steps to Tag People in Photos on Twitter

1. Click or tap the button to compose a new tweet (or What’s happening? for Android devices).
2. Click Add photo if using Twitter on the web; from a device, tap the gallery icon (button of a landscape) to add photos from your photo gallery, or tap the camera icon to take a picture.

Twitter Photos

3. You should see the photo or file appear as an attachment. Click the gallery or camera icon again to add or take another photo. Once you do this, your photo gallery should stay open so that you can select multiple photos to add at once. You can also continue to take photos to add to your tweet. You can add up to four photos in one tweet. If you include four photos, they will appear as a group in a collage. Once you select a photo, you also have the option to edit it.

Twitter Tagging

4. To tag people in the photo, tap Who’s in this photo? Type an @username or a full name to tag (options will appear in a list once you start typing). Tag up to 10 people in the photo without using up available characters for your message. Tap Done when you are finished tagging.
5. Type your message and then tap Tweet when you’re ready for your message and photos to be posted in a tweet.

Twitter Sample Photo

Other helpful info:

  • While tags in a photo won’t subtract from your total 140-character count, your photo (or photo collage) will subtract characters for the URL that attaches your photos.
  • You can send photos in direct messages on Twitter too!
  • Accepted file types include GIF, JPEG, and PNG files.
  • BMP, TIFF, or animated GIF files are not accepted.
  • If your tweets are protected, only approved followers will be able to see your photos as well.
  • To remove yourself from a photo you’re tagged in on Twitter, tap to see the detail view of the tweet, tap the ellipsis (…), and then tap Remove tag from photo.
  • To adjust notifications or who can tag you, go to your settings on Twitter.
  • Photo-tagging and tweets with multiple photos will display in embedded tweets.
  • Make sure Twitter is updated for these recent changes. You will not see the features to tag or attach multiple photos without the latest Twitter app update.

Need more help or information about tagging photos on Twitter? Click here to visit the Twitter support page for Posting photos on Twitter.


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