How to Twitter Like a Pro

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These days, just about everyone knows what Twitter is and tons of people have accounts. However, not many know how to the social network like a Pro. These tips will help make your Twitter experience more enjoyable, can help increase your followers, help you use the service to its full potential.


Remember to look at the Activity Feed

  • Similar to Facebook’s “News Feed,” it’s a great way to discover new content and users to follow.

Add and Subscribe to Lists

  • Use Lists to to categorize users you follow any way you want. You may also subscribe to other users’ Lists. Making Lists is the simplest way to keep track of tweets when following a large number of users.

Create User Widgets


  • Have a website? Create a user widget for your website by going to the Gear Icon > Settings > Widgets > Create New. The widget will display your tweets, and you can customize how it looks.

Customize your Twitter Theme

  • Default backgrounds are boring. Stand out from the crowd with your own customized theme. You can use tools like Themeleon by going to the Gear Icon > Settings > Design > “Check out Themeleon.”

Use Advanced Search

  • Finding people and other things on twitter can be difficult at times.  Advanced Search eases the pain with the ability to search for exact phrases, tweets with specific locations, sentiment (positive or negative) and more.

Use Keyboard Shortcuts

  • With more than 20 shortcuts at your disposal, keyboard shortcuts make your Twitter experience quicker and more enjoyable. You can find all of the shortcuts by going to the Gear Icon > Keyboard Shortcuts.

Supplement Pocket

  • Pocket is a web service that allows users to save web content for reading later while offline. When you download the extension to your web browser, you can “pocket” pages directly from your tweets by clicking the Pocket button that appears.

Modifying Trends

  • Twitter trends help you stay updated on what people are talking about around the web. Change the list to reflect trends in your own country or select cities and even trends tailored to your interests and those you follow. On the bottom-left of the Trends screen, go to the Trends box and click “Change.”

Tailor Suggestions Based on Web Browsing

  • Twitter can use information from your web searches to give you a more personalized experience. Click on the Gear Icon > Settings > Account > Personalization, then check “Tailor Twitter based on my recent website visits.”

Get Twitter Archive

  • Twitter allows the option to download an archive of your tweets, beginning from your very first tweet. Your tweets will download as an offline HTML web file. You may search through your tweets, see graphs of your activity and click on various dates. To do this, go to Gear Icon > Settings > Account > Your Twitter Archive > Request Your Archive.

Go Mobile

  • Apple iPhones, Blackberry phones, Android phones, Windows phone 7 phones, and most of the other smart phones have Twitter applications. Take full advantage of these applications. For users who do not have smart phones Twitter also has extensive support for SMS, which can send tweets over a text message.


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