How to Upload Prerecorded Videos to Instagram and Vine [iPhone]

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With the emergence of great, new video recording apps like Vine, people are able to communicate and tell stories in a whole new way. Now, with the recent unveiling of video on Instagram, even more users are sharing video recordings with each other. Ever since the introduction of these video recording applications many of us have been desperate to upload videos that we have previously recorded on our iPhones, as well as videos from other cameras or ones that we have edited.

With this easy to follow text tutorial, you will be able to upload any video you want to Instagram and Vine, even ones that are much higher quality than those you can record with an iPhone camera, such as DSLR videos, or RAW Timelapse clips.



What You Will Need:

  • an iPhone, iPod, or iPad with Instagram (Does NOT need to be Jailbroken)
  • A PC or Mac
  • iFunBox or iExplorer (free download)

Step by Step

  1. Download iFunBox or iExplorer
  2. Open iFunBox or iExplorer and connect your iPhone/iPad/iPod to your computer. Navigate to: Apps > Vine > tmp.
  3. Record a video using Vine on your phone. Be sure not to let the recording finish in full length do not move on to the next page where you may share your Vine.
  4. Go back into iFunBox or iExplorer and refresh the page. You should see a new MP4 video file appear in the “tmp” folder. This is the recording you have just made in Vine.
  5. Drag the custom video you want to use into the “tmp” folder in iFunBox or iExplorer (make sure your video is a .mov or .mp4 file).
  6. Rename the custom video to the same name and extension as the video you have just recorded using Vine. Rename the original Vine recording to anything else of your choosing (just as long as you change it).
  7. Go back into Vine on you iPhone. Your custom video should now be playing on the preview screen. Tap the green check mark to move to the next page where you may give you video a caption and select which networks you would like to share your video on.



What You Will Need:

  • an iPhone, iPod, or iPad with Instagram (Does NOT need to be Jailbroken)
  • A PC or Mac
  • iFunBox or iExplorer (free download)
  • Adobe Premiere Pro (free trial download)

Step by Step

  1. Download iFunBox or iExplorer and Adobe Premiere Pro (free trial download).
  2. Go into “Settings” on your iPhone/iPad/iPod and turn on “Airplane Mode” so that you are no longer connected to the internet.
  3. Open the Instagram app and record a video that is approximately as long as the custom video that you want to upload.
  4. After recording, share the recording (of course the upload will fail since you are in airplane mode).
  5. Connect device to computer and use iFunBox or iExplorer to navigate to user applications/instagram/library/application support/instagram/videos.
  6. There should be two files that are both just a long sequence of numbers and letters.  One of the files will end with the extension “.mov.locked”, that is the one you want.  Click and drag it to your desktop.
  7. Remove the “.locked” from the file name
    • Mac
      • Right click on the file you’ve added to your desktop, select “Get Info,” remove “.locked” from the extension.
    • PC
      • Go to Start > Control Panel > Search: Show File Extensions. Click “Show or Hide File Extensions.”  In the window that opens, UNCHECK the “Hide Extensions For Known File Types” box and hit Apply, then OK. Select the file you copied to the desktop and remove the “.locked” extension from the end of it.
  8. Open Adobe Premiere Pro and choose to create a New Video Project.
  9. Create a new Sequence. From the Twirly arrow drop down menu, select Digital SLR > 1080P > DSLR 1080p 30. Select the “Settings” tab at the top, and choose the following options:
    • Editing Mode: DSLR
    • Timebase: 29.97 Frames/Second
    • Frame Size: 640 Horizontal 640 Vertical 1:1
    • Pixel Aspect Ratio: Square Pixels (1.0)
    • Fields: No Fields (Progressive Scan)
    • Display Frame: 30fps Drop-Frame Timecode
    • Audio Sample Rate: 44100 Hz
    • Display Format: Audio Samples
    • Video Previews: Width 640 Height 640
  10. Import the video that you copied from your iPhone to your desktop into Premiere Pro.  Also import the custom video you want to use in its place.
  11. Drag your originally shot Instagram video to the timeline.  A “Clip Mismatch” warning might come up but you can ignore it and tell it to “Keep Existing Settings.” Mute the audio from the instagram video, then drag the custom clip that you want to use onto the timeline so it sandwiches the original iPhone clip in the middle.
  12. Select your custom video clip in the timeline and choose “Effect Controls”.  So you can adjust the Position and Scale of your custom clip.
  13. Set your in and out points by moving the playback head to the beginning of your clip and hitting “I” and then the end of you clip and hitting “O”.
  14. Select File > Export >Media, or select your timeline and hit CTRL + M.  This will bring up the export dialogue box.
  15. Choose the video format “Quicktime” and choose any preset from the preset dropdown menu (we are going to customize one).  Make sure “Export Video” and “Export Audio” are checked, and select the file name and choose where you want the file to be saved to.
  16. Select the “Video” tab below.  Choose the following settings:
      • Video Codec: H.264
      • Quality 100
      • Width 640
      • Height 640 (Make sure the little chain link box is unselected)
      • Frame Rate: 29.97
      • Field Order: Progressive
      • Aspect: Square Pixels (1.0)
      • Check the Render at Maximum Depth Box
  17. Under “Bitrate Settings” check the box and choose the limit the data rate to “3,582 kbps” and check the “Use Maximum Render Quality” box.
  18. Click the “Audio” tab and choose:
      • Audio Codec: AAC
      • Sample Rate 44100 Hz
      • Channels: Mono
  19. Save the Render Settings as a Preset then click “Export”
  20. Once it is finished rendering, navigate to your rendered file.  Rename the rendered file to the sequence of numbers and letters that the Instagram video you shot was named.  Then add “.locked” to the end of the file.
  21. Open iFunbox or iExplorer and drag your new video file into the Video folder so it replaces the original video file.
  22. Turn off “Airplane Mode” on your phone and hit the swirly button on Instagram.  Your custom video should begin uploading.

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