Is Instagram adding private messaging?

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After an eerily vague wooden block invitation sent out by Instagram this week, there has been much speculation about the possible launch of their private messaging feature. Because the holidays are one of the busiest times on social media for sharing photos, it makes perfect sense for a new Instagram message product to be launched very soon.


According to CNET, the Facebook-owned social network sent the wooden invitations via FedEx, rather than through email as is customary among tech companies. Instagram decided to use FedEx because they were sending more than just a simple piece of paper.


Introducing a new messaging service on Instagram could help boost its engagement and try and take some of Snapchat’s action. Although Instagram is an incredibly popular photo-sharing app, adding the ability to write and send private text could completely change the dynamic for the positive.


Instagram will be hosting the media event to talk about the potential new feature on December 12. After that, we’ll be able to see whether or not this will be something new for us to use when we’re sharing photos with friends followers.

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