Interactive Marketing: Less Talk, More Listening, Stronger Data Integration

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I had the pleasure of attending the Blog World Expo this year, on top of the joy of finally meeting in-person those that I have thus far only known online, the conference had some great topics given by some highly educated and creative speakers. I almost missed out on a very interesting talk given by Jeremiah Owyang (@jowYang) on the Future of Social Media. Most of the information on Social Media, where it started, where it is at, where it is going is a regurgitation of information we have heard again and again, and so I almost skipped it. At the last minute I decided to step in and I am glad I did.

Jeremiah didn’t give a world changing presentation but he did touch on some fundamentals, innovations, and interesting developments in social media that really tapped into the nerd girl in me. Three things I wanted to hear a new view point on were; new ways to engage, real time and mobile advances, and harnessing analytical data. Owyang discussed all of this and more.

Summary of Jeremiah Owyang’s presentation

• The social web is quickly evolving, develop strategies in your long-term plan.

• Integrate social technologies into your corporate site.

• Join communities where they exist.

• Develop listening and advocacy programs.

• Think holistically about your corporate strategy.

• Prepare for personalized content.

The full presentation is in this pdf: jeremiahowyang-blogworld-future you can also contact them directly at

One of the main areas I was interested in hearing about was ways to compile analytical data that could be incorporated in the company’s marketing plan, outreach strategy, customer support, and research and development. Compiling the analytical data on the reach(i.e. influence) and growth of a company’s social media presence can be as much work as building that presence.  To date there are many platforms that you can use to do this, the free ones (Buzzstream, tweetbeep, Google Alerts, blog directories, Technorati, Google blog search, keyword tools, etc.) require a lot of time and data entry, the paid for platforms (Buzzstream, Radian6, ScoutLabs, Omniture) which can cost quite a bit monthly are more user friendly but still lack integration into your company structure until now. According to Owyang, and later a couple of Radian6 representatives at their Blog World booth, Radian6 has just partnered up with and is working on something with Omniture as well as some other companies to bring that analytical and crm integration we are all looking for.

Radian6 plus means that you can take all of that analytical data and use it for more than just validation that your marketing plan is going in the right direction, you can now use that all important information for customer support, relationship building, and research and development. With an integrated tools you can now spend less time compiling and more time analyzing and implementing.

Less talk, more listening, and now more ways to use the analytical data to go beyond marketing.

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