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It’s a Blog Review Contest!! Win a T-Shirt!!

I have been asked to judge a blog review contest for a couple of blog buddies. How did I get this illustrious honor? Well, they needed a judge and they used flattering terms like Bridget the “blogging guru”, the “blog diva”, the “social media maven” ok maybe I through a couple of those terms in, but you get the gist of it. Flattery it works wonders!

I am excited to be a judge for this contest, I like both of these bloggers and their blogs, so reading other’s reviews of the sites sounds like fun. I am also curious to see what type of traffic a contest like this brings, will it be new unique visitors, will contestants be established readership, will it bring one time visits or stimulate new readership?

So this contest hits the holy trinity for me, ego, curiosity, and information. These boys know me well.

The raw data I would like to get from this:

1. How contestants found out about the contest

2. Why they decided to participate, was it the free t-shirt, or just because

3. Did reviewing these blogs change their opinions of these bloggers -if they were already acquainted with the blogs, or if they are new to the blogs did this contest turn them into new converts?

4. Traffic data, how many unique hits and where they are coming from. This will be harder since this is a month long contest.

5. The number of backlinks this creates for these two smart guys

If I were reviewing these sites I would look at things like:

1.      What I like about the sites

2.      What I don’t like if anything, particular post, design, layout.

3.      Favorite post or posts.

4.      Childhood memories that were brought back by these sites

5.      Phobias that have been created by one or both of these sites

6.      Useful ideas I got from either site

7       Topics I would like to see them blog about

9.      What changes I would like to see on these sites, or not

Here are the rules to participate.
1.Simply review both their sites in a few detailed paragraphs
2.Tell them your favorite shirt from
3.Please leave the review URL as a comment on both of their blog sites.

The wonderful prizes are these
1st place winner
: Free t-shirt of your choice + Reciprocal Review of your blog/ site from Tim Fox at Sogeshirts.
2nd place winner: Reciprocal Review of your site from Sogeshirts.
3rd place winner: Small blog blurb and linkback

Contest closes on November 12th.

Let The Games Begin………..

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