Lets Make a Deal: Discount and Auction Sites

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Discount websites

If you are looking to get, give, or share a GREAT deal we have some websites for you.

The discounts are fabulous for people looking for a deal and they can also be good for companies looking to get some exposure for their products and/or services.

The only caveat is that you have to give a deep….deep discount, usually 40 to 50% off of the retail price and you will split that with the discount site. The split we have been told can be negotiable but looks to be about 50/50 to 60/40 (60 to the business owner).

Groupon and Living Social post number of deals sold, deal goes active after a predetermined goal has been reached. Buy With Me shows when the goal has been reached but not how many total deals have been sold.

Groupon – One deal a day (now with a side deal too) offered on the web and via email. Now in 48 cities and growing.

Buy With Me – One featured deal a day, deals last approximately 5 days, and a second page with a list of 50% or more off deals. Only in 4 major cities right now, we will see if it continues to grow.

Living Social – In 14 cities, only offers one deal a day, not that established in San Diego yet but that could change.

Auction and Bidding Sites, these sites can be great if you are looking for high-end products at a ridiculous discount. You do need to be careful though, the pay-to-bid sites are fee to join but you must pay to bid, usually Anywhere from $.60 to $1 a bid. So if you get an item for $12 you need to calculate how many bids it took you to get that $12 price and how much the shipping and handling will cost. From what we can tell you can still get a great deal you just need to be aware of the outlier fees. But don’t feel bad for the auction site, they’re making their money, each bid is worth around $.02 so if an item is going for $12 the auction site is still making some decent money off the bidders.

The real trick is to buy bid packs, 30, 40, 50, 100, 200 bids for cheap (they auction these off regularly) and then use those to get your deals. Let’s say you get 200 bids for $20, and it took 20 bids to get it well now each bid costs you $.20, just an example but you can see what we mean.

oohilove – An online pay-to-bid auction site, where one can access handbags and accessories at up to 90% off retail.  Brands include Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Chloe, and other luxury designer labels. One bid costs approximately $1 and is worth $.02

Beezid –  An online pay-to-bid auction site that offers a wide range of products to bid on, vehicles, software, technology, computers, games, and store gift cards. Bids cost anywhere from $.60 to $.90 and are worth $.01.

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