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Imagine you’re working on homework or any other assignment and you find yourself completely stuck. Maybe you’re hosting your first ever Christmas dinner and you don’t know the difference between baking and roasting. Or possibly, you just want to know how to properly perform your daily vinyasa. The new Google Helpouts can offer you live video tutorials to solve all of these issues!

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Help in Real-Time

The difference between Google Helpouts and any other popular video tutorial, such as Youtube, is that Helpouts are in real-time. You have the ability to receive and give help to others through live video chatting. You can connect instantly or book an appointment in advance to chat with teachers and experts on the subject you’re inquiring about.

Choosing an expert to chat with is simple. You can filter teachers based off their qualifications, availability, price, ratings, and even reviews. Connect with the most promising individual teacher or chat with brands you trust. Teachers and experts trade their services for payment measured by the task, minute, or set window of time. Payments are easily processed using Google Wallet.


Once in a Helpout session you’re not limited to just chatting live. Similar to Google Hangouts, you also have the ability to share your screen, work collaboratively to edit a presentation, or even record your meetings. If you are unsatisfied at the end of your session, Helpouts guarantee a full refund.

Growth Over Time

Currently Google Helpouts offer video tutorials over the following topics:

  • Art and music
  • Computer and electronics
  • Cooking, education
  • Fashion and beauty
  • Fitness and nutrition
  • Home and garden

The community of Google Helpout experts and teachers will continue to grow over time allowing for more topics to be covered. Google screens individuals and companies who want to offer their services through Helpouts. Reviews users give as feedback help control the quality of services provided.

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