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Livescribe smartpens record everything you hear, write and draw. Later, simply tap your notes to play back recordings. With these awesome tools you can save and view your notes on your computer, iPad or iPhone anytime.

Designed to work and write like a premium ballpoint pen, the Livescribe 3 SmartPen provides a balanced, smooth writing experience. Once you pair your smartpen with your tablet or smartphone you’ll really experience the magic it delivers. The Livescribe 3 smartpen works with Livescribe dot paper to capture everything you write and draw. Livescribe paper is available at competitive prices in a wide variety of sizes and styles so you can choose the one that’s best for you. Bluetooth Smart wireless technology allows your Livescribe 3 smartpen to quickly and easily pair to your tablet or smartphone. It also extends the battery life, giving you over 14 hours of continuous writing between charges.

The Livescribe 3 smartpen is the ultimate mobile companion for iPhone and iPad, using the power of the ‘mobile computer’ people carry with them every day to do more than what was possible before. How does it do that? According to a blog post from, “by pairing a svelte, elegant smartpen with an iOS 7 mobile app called Livescribe+.” With Livescribe+, people can turn their notes into action items, calendar appointments and contacts, all while recording their meetings or lectures. Your notes become more useful when they are organized, tagged, searchable and converted to text. Livescribe+ works with the iPhone 4S or newer, iPad 3rd generation or above, iPad mini, and also the new iPad Air.

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