Making the Impossible Possible: A New Social Network for Giving

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Social media sites and social networks are platforms for quick information exchange but also for engaging with like-minded people. Whether it’s the latest trends on Twitter, pictures of family and friends on Instagram, or liked pages on Facebook, social websites are the places to go to see what’s happening now. Impossible, a new social network from English supermodel and actress Lily Cole, has jumped into the scene with other social websites to create a new type of exchange.

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What kind of social network is Impossible?

Impossible is a new social network designed for users to give and receive help, not in exchange for money, spendable Internet bucks or coupons, but for a simple “thank you” and the satisfaction of helping.

How does Impossible work?

Users can post “wishes,” things they need help with, and they can also post offers to share their skills. Posts range from the simple, “I can teach you how to make quick-fix meals,” to the more involved, “I wish for someone to help me build my eco-friendly real estate business.” If someone wants to take you up on your offer or help you with your wish, they can reply to your post.

What do social media users gain from Impossible?

The unique aspect of Impossible that makes it a standout among other social networks and new social media sites is that founder Lily Cole really wanted to keep the exchanges completely philanthropic. Users don’t get rewarded monetarily for answering wishes, and wishes are granted with no expectation of return. For example, if I help you achieve your wish, you are not expected to help me fulfill mine. It’s all designed around the idea that people can receive the help they need and feel good about helping others, all on one social network.

But Impossible does have a currency…

When a wish is granted, the receiver of the help can respond with a “thank you” post, which is displayed with an image on the site among the other textual posts and which is also saved on the giver’s profile. Therefore, users who frequently give can build up a type of “currency,” but it is a currency of gratitude, a currency that won’t buy tangible items but will buy the giver that warm and fuzzy feeling.

Other ways Impossible is cool

  • A need can be met by someone beyond your social network of family and friends. Maybe you’re looking for help in an area that is unfamiliar to your normal crowd; Impossible can help you reach a wide audience already willing to help.
  • If you’re wanting to find ways to volunteer your time and help others, but you’re not really sure where to find opportunities, Impossible will easily connect you to an audience in need. Then, you can choose posts in areas that you can best help.
  • It’s focused on the act of selfless giving, making Impossible among the social networking sites that you’ll feel good spending time on. Plus, it has the power to make a genuine, positive impact on people’s lives.
  • It’s free! (Who doesn’t love that?)

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