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It’s been a while since you’ve tinkered with the long list of accounts you follow in Twitter and the thought of managing it all seems a little daunting. Have no fear for we are here to help. Here are three useful tools that will allow you to analyze and manage the accounts you follow to improve your overall experience.


Use ManageFlitter to clean up and manage who you follow, find out who isn’t following you back and find out which inactive accounts you follow. ManageFlitter is a free tool for unfollowing people quickly and easily on Twitter. As soon as you connect your Twitter account we will show you a list of everyone who you are following who is not following you back. Select the people you don’t want to stay connected with on Twitter and click the Unfollow button to be rid of them. To select multiple people faster, expand the page overview and drag your mouse to select multiple users.


You can use Tweepi’s “cleanup” function to see all the accounts you’re following in a grid-based list format. What’s useful about this tool, says, is that you can add or remove grid columns to see more information about the accounts you follow. According to, in addition to the basics such as bio, location and number of followers, you can view who has a verified account, how many times an account appears in Twitter lists and when they last tweeted.


UnTweeps helps you unfollow Twitter users who do not tweet often enough. The number of people you can follow is a valuable asset to your Twitter presence. Don’t waste this resource on accounts who aren’t even using Twitter. Unfollow all of those inactive and zero tweet accounts. UnTweeps uses the Twitter API to unfollow selected people you are following. Logging into UnTweeps is safe because they use Twitter’s login system which then allows UnTweeps to do its thing on your behalf. After logging in, enter the number of days in the past you want to check. If you enter 30, then anyone who hasn’t updated their Twitter status (tweeted) in the past 30 days will be shown on a list, for example.




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