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We all know and use cloud storage these days. The convenience of storing data not only on your computer but also off-site servers is revolutionizing the way we manage and share our data. Many of us use third party cloud storage service such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Skydrive, etc. More and more of us are beginning to use multiple cloud storage service systems and supplementing their uses, however, managing multiple accounts can be both tricky and exhausting.

What if there was a way to manage your multiple cloud services in one app? There is and its name is Cloudii

Cloudii is made to switch between all your accounts and services seamlessly. You can link as many accounts to any service as you want. There are a lot of apps available to manage your cloud storages but most of them can not handle more than one account per service. No need to have one app for each service. Cloudii can manage them all in a single app.
Synchronize everything! No file will get lost again! Cloudii will make your files stay in sync! Create synchronizations between your device and your services. You can create a Whatsapp backup or upload your camera images automatically to the cloud. The possibilities are unlimited.
All services implemented in Cloudii are fully supported! Rename, delete, download, upload and even share your files with friends and colleagues. It’s all there. It’s simple and intuitive. Even linking your account with Cloudii is super easy and done within seconds. One consistent UI for all services. That’s Cloudii.
And did we mention that Cloudii is free?!
[Note that Cloudii is only available to Android devices at this time]

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